Smart Parents Involve Kids in Cleaning

Ever wanted your kids to help out more with chores around the house? You don’t have to resort to financial rewards. Here are two examples of parents who have found a different way to involve their children in the household chores.

This first chart sets a point system to different tasks. By the way, your kids don’t have to be grounded to use this system. Assigning points for chores can also be a way kids can work to earn a special event, trip or toy.
  • Cleaning out the microwave = 40 points (must be a pretty dirty microwave)
  • Dust the Great room = 25 points
  • Scrub the bathroom sinks = 10 points per sink
It is a great way for parents to incent their kids and the tasks can be set for all ages.
Speaking of teens who love the Internet, this parent is using the ability to change their Wi-Fi password to get their kids up and going each day:
Let’s face it, kids who help around the house learn responsibility, time management, and life application skills that will carry into their adult life. So sit back, kick up your feet and let your kids help out this summer!
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