3 Rs of Garage Organizing

How is it that the garage nearly always ends up becoming a home for stuff we are tired of looking at, we don’t have room for, and we’re not even sure we need?


Cleaning the garage sounds worse than it actually is. Follow the 3 R’s of garage organizing and reclaim some space for what you actually intended to store there: your cars!




Step 1 is to remove everything (yes, everything) from your garage. Then, separate unused and unwanted items into two piles: one for the dumpster and one for donations. If an item hasn’t been used in the last 12 months, it’s a safe bet that it should go.




What do you really want to store in this area? Once you’ve decided, divide the garage into different zones – one per category. Separate the zones using different colored bins, tags or walls.




Return the items you want to store here, placing them in the appropriate zone. Take advantage of peg board, stacking bins, specialized hooks and DIY shelving to help you maximize space in each zone and get items to be stored off the floor.


If it seems too much to tackle on a Saturday, or even a whole weekend, mentally divide your garage into sections and address one at a time. Even clearing and re-organizing one fourth of your garage will give you a sense of accomplishment, some peace of mind and an excuse to exercise a fourth “R”  – REJOICE!


For more information, see Marie’s blog on clearing and organizing the garage.

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