5 Tips for Thanksgiving Hosts

  1. Set the table early – two days in advance if you can. If you think it’s creepy to have the dishes out that long, cut dry cleaner bags up one long end and across the shoulders to create big, lightweight sheets. Cover your fully set table with overlapping sheets. Remove and place your centerpiece before guests arrive.
  2. Dole out dessert assignments. Having potlucks can be stressful – you can’t be sure food is safely sourced and prepared or how many guests will need serving pieces, trivets or oven time. What if dishes are incompatible? But dessert is so much easier than appetizers, entrees or sides because fewer desserts require on-site baking and even if they do, they aren’t competing with the main attraction for oven time. It also won’t matter if a guest is late to arrive.
  3. Consider alternate palettes. It’s easy to remember to offer a vegetarian option at each course, but try to remember those eating gluten-free and/or low carb as well. Most canned “cream-of” soups contain gluten, so research alternative ingredients for your green bean casserole.
  4. Don’t pre-stuff your bird. This promotes the growth of harmful bacteria. Stuff the turkey while the oven is pre-heating and put it in the oven as soon as the oven reaches temperature. Even better, cook the stuffing in a separate dish, stirring in some pan juices from your turkey as the moistening ingredient. Yum.
  5. Delegate the chores 🙂 Maid Brigade has the cleaning under control so you can focus on feeding your guests. Book us for a deep cleaning, or add a la carte tasks to your regular cleaning. Get on our schedule today!
When you want cleaning help, we’re the cleaning help you want. Please give us a call, send us an email, or click on the link above, and let’s get you on the schedule!
Maid Brigade of Northeast Ohio
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