Memorial Day Fun – Cleaning?

Memorial Day is almost upon us. A time to open the pool, hose off the deck and get ready for the local parade.
So why would you want to be cleaning?
Bottom line…so you can thoroughly enjoy your home and yard this summer.
Thumbtack has a great article offering 13 Ways to Have a Major Memorial Day Weekend. Here are just a few things you will want to focus on:
Power Wash the Outside

House paint and driveway looking grimy after winter? There’s still time to have your exterior power washed before summer seriously sets in. Let your castle shine in the sun once the grime and muck of winter have been washed away.
Stain the Fence

Upgrade your perimeter with a fence makeover. Have the white picket repainted or spruce up the wood stain with a quick sand down and retouch of your fence.
Deep Clean the House

Nothing marks the changing of seasons like a deep house cleaning. Get ready to let in the sun by having the blinds dusted, the walls scrubbed, the windows washed, and the ceiling fans rid of gunk.

Actually, that last one is something Maid Brigade can help with. While you are working on planting annuals and getting the pool ready for your Memorial Day party, let our team come in and take care of the cleaning! Together we’ll get your entire home ready for the summer.

Another way to clean this Memorial Day weekend is to clean out and donate your “never used” stuff. Check out Donate Stuff for a location near you. is the easiest way to turn stuff you don’t need into a good deed. Regardless of how much changes in the world, we believe that one thing will always remain true: People want to help others.
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