About Us

Ray and Margie Toombs have been in the Akron/Canton area since 1979, and are very proud to join the many local business owners. Margie is the former head of quality advancement for the Precision Steel Components business of the Timken Company, and Ray is a retired U.S. Army Officer.

What is the secret to their success? “A reputation of quality care and a high level of trust,” says Ray, a retired Army Major. “We have hundreds of clients that we serve on a regular basis and many more who trust us for their special cleaning needs.  We take care of before and after party clean-up, holiday preparation, pre move-in detailed cleaning, keeping their home in beautiful condition while it’s on the market, etc.  When the company leaves, people call us to return their home to its sparkling clean comfort!”

 Ray and Margie Toombs are dedicated to helping the local environment as well.

  “All of the products we use are environmentally friendly and safe for our clients’ homes, family, pets and visitors, yet are extremely effective at cleaning and sanitizing”, said Ray. “Additionally, we use a 4-level HEPA filtered vacuum system that does not put any dust particles back into the air.  In 2010 we’re introducing a patented technology called Dry Steam Vapor with TANCS.  Currently, we’re using it to perform dust mite control on mattresses, and disinfecting kitchen and bathroom surfaces.  It is a wonderful solution for asthma and allergy sufferers.  We’re very excited to be taking our already unique service offering to this next level to benefit our clients’ health.”

Maid Brigade provides quality GREEN cleaning with trained, bonded associates. Providing cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties, Maid Brigade is available for regular on-going cleaning or a one time service. Call Today for a free estimate:  330-453-6000

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