Here’s what people have to say about Maid Brigade of Northeast Ohio.

“The girls of Maid Brigade have saved my life.  I have health issues and the cleaning they provide has helped to relieve my stress.  I just love each and every one of the girls that come and clean my house.  They are terrific.”  Renee K. Canton, OH

“I wish I would have had Maid Brigade clean my home earlier.  It gives me peace of mind to know they are cleaning my home every week.  It allows me to take care of everything else without worrying about cleaning.  Now I have the energy to tackle other projects around the house because I know Maid Brigade is taking care of the cleaning.  I just love them.  I wish they lived with me!”  Michelle K. 

“I use Maid Brigade to clean the office and bathrooms at Alexander’s. They do a great job and I’d recommend them in a heart beat.  One of the best parts about using Maid Brigade is that I can trust they will come in, do a thorough job and then lock up for me.  I don’t have to stay after a long day of work, waiting for the cleaning crew to leave.  They know just how I like them to leave the place and they’ve never disappointed me.”  Jim Karabatsos, Alexander Body and Fender Company.

“We’ve had Maid Brigade clean our home every other week for over a year.  Their attention to detail is incredible.  They are prompt and thorough.  Frankly, we’ve had other companies clean our home but no one else can measure up to the quality of Maid Brigade.”  Mike and Cindy, Bolivar,Ohio

“Before I used Maid Brigade, I hired an individual to clean my home.  Although they did a reasonable job, they were inconsistent in their attendance and I worried about the liability.  After a little research I decided to try Maid Brigade.  I wanted to contract with a local company who would be responsible for liability, benefits and taxes.  I’ve been extremely satisfied.  They are dependable, thorough and they always show up when they say they will.  I would highly recommend them.”  Debbie R, Green,Ohio

 “Maid Brigade has been cleaning our home for over two years.  Their staff is well-trained, the cleaning quality is consistent and they are extremely reliable.  I’d gladly recommend Maid Brigade of Canton for anyone looking for someone to clean their home.”   Donald M, Uniontown,Ohio

 “My black cats leave their fur around the house but it is most noticeable on the off-white cushions of my dining room chairs. When I am expecting company I will take the time to hand-pick off the fur, but I never get it all.  Even vacuuming can’t remove all traces of cat hair. So I called Maid Brigade and took advantage of their new VapurClean system. I could tell the difference the minute I walked in the house. The cushions were fur-free and they were so clean they were actually a different color. The VapurClean product is great and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who wants to thoroughly clean their home and furniture.”  Cindy McFall, Vice President of Cookie Express

“The ladies came over for Spring Cleaning last Friday, 16 APR. My wife was thrilled with what they did….really above and beyond…..exceeded her (our) expectations. Makes my life a lot easier. ;)”  Ted Bowling

Testimonials about Margie Toombs, owner Maid Brigade NE Ohio

“It is hard to choose one thing when recommending Margie. I have hired her company to clean my home for heavy duty cleaning, special event cleaning and now ongoing cleaning. I keep coming back because the experience is always perfection! The Maid Brigade cleaning team arrives when they say they will and like little elves – they set right to their job. As a business owner working from home – they are never a disturbance and always do a superb job at keeping my home cleaner than I ever could myself.

But also as a business owner, Margie Toombs, is an incredible individual. She is always seeking ways to connect other entrepreneurs so that both can serve their customers better. She is innovative in her thinking, high energy, motivational and a great leader. I have served on the Board of Women’s Network with Margie, been a member of the same business owners networking group and had the pleasure of working with Margie on a number of occasions. I would recommend her company’s cleaning services and would also recommend Margie as a great source of knowledge in business!” February 22, 2010  Deborah Chaddock Brown

“Margie and Ray Toombs are two of the most dedicated business owners I have had the pleasure to work with. Their leadership, passion and commitment to excellence have helped them create one of the best run franchises in the Maid Brigade system. Because of their knowledge and business acumen, other franchise owners and local business owners seek their counsel on business issues. While Margie runs the strategic and marketing efforts of the business, Ray does a great job managing the operations. Between the two of them, they provide excellent service to their clients and a great service to the community. I highly recommend their services and am honored to have the opportunity to work with them.” July 17, 2009  Dennis Kelley, Owner, The D. Kelley Group

“Margie is one of my favorite people.

I met her during a seminar I presented on becoming a franchise owner, and she just seemed to “get it.”

Margie and I worked together, and I was able to help her figure things out, with regards to franchise ownership. She made a decision to invest in one, and the rest is history.

Margie has turned out to be a very successful franchise owner here in Northeast Ohio, and if you would like to have a team of professionals clean your house, Maid Brigade of Northeast Ohio should be called. And used.” November 23, 2011   Joel Libava, The Franchise King®, Franchise Selection Specialists Inc.

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